FIN 130 Unit 2

Paper Bag

October 15, 2020

the bag front
the bag back
take a look inside
another look. there’s light in there.
back out. from one side.
I like the light and shadow
this is one of my favourites. I like the way the light shines through, and the shadow cast
I notice a tiny hole has started towards the bottom of the bag; it’s like a scab
so I pick the scab. make it bigger
I rip the scab some more, and rip a seam at the top of the bag.
things got rough. i violated the bag.
somehow i feel satisfied with the ripping
more light and shadow
I’m not creating any new rips, just taking pictures from different angles and letting the light go where it will
I’m attached to the light in this one, and the yellow “flag” in the background
very dark. too dark. we’re finished for the evening.

October 18, 2020

Making the Mesh Bag

Most of the way through the mesh bag
blanket stitch
completed mesh bag with shadow

October 20, 2020

mesh bag with some plastering

it felt really good to get working on this in class in the small groups. I missed photographing the mesh bag just after I emulated the folds and tears of the paper bag, and I think that’s because I was distracted by meeting the others and getting going on the plastering.

I love working with plaster, in particular how willing the plaster is to cling to the mesh.

it’s tricky getting around the corners
and on this side there is a tear, but I think it’s going to look great when all done. i’m starting to think about what might be visible in the bag behind this tear.

One layer of plaster doesn’t feel to me as if it will be sturdy enough

view from my computer


view from sitting at my computer. i look over and see a familiar.
Mesh bag with mud
I like the brokenness of the front of the bag.
I like the texture created by the mud, but will be sanding this before adding the final coating.
I also like the crevice created in the centre of the back of the mesh bag.

October 29, 2020

Mesh bag with primer.
Mesh bag with primer complete
it is more like me to be surrounded by a bit of a mess; now I’ll think of my surroundings as “texture”!

October 31, 2020 – Air Park Photoshoot

assistant with plaster/mesh bag
bag beside the Courtenay River
lagoon in the background
assistant with hand on bag
assistant squishing rosehip onto mesh bag
bag on concrete conglomerate washed up on shore
bag with gulls
maple leafs and berries