FIN 130 Unit 2

Breakaway Project

I kept wanting to make a mesh cube with the second piece of mesh, sitting unused on the floor. So, after fussing around for a bit and thinking I’d better spend my time doing the artist research, I opted to spend homework time today making something completely not required. I found a pattern for a cube online, made it a bit bigger in my own pattern, cut out the mesh, made a cube, covered it with plaster bandage.

original pattern on left, with enlarged pattern (to 4 x 4 inches) over mesh on right
constructed cubes in mesh and paper
getting ready to apply the plaster to the mesh cube
didn’t put plaster on “lid”, as I wasn’t sure if I wanted a closed cube or a box.
I wrapped some random strips of plaster around the box to add some random texture and bas-relief and cut off the lid so that I could experiment with making a detached cover for the box.
very rough and gritty inside. I like this look.
The box on its side, with the lid leaning against it to dry. I put a red maple leaf under the last layer of plaster, just to see how it would look, dabbing at the plaster immediately over the leaf to get a bit more of the colour to show through. Now I have the problem of the organic material inside the lid, so I think I’ll have to shellac the whole thing? not sure. but it’s an experiment anyway. I have another leaf that I may adhere to the box.
after playing around with a few ways to add words to the plaster/mud/primer surface (I was trying to write a written response to some people who had been complaining to the disbursing of Gideon bibles to high sc hool students) on the surface of the cube, I gave up, as I couldn’t find anything that was fine enough to write words legibly. I made marks red and dark brown conte sticks and then spread the colour around across the surface of the cube on four sides. I decided to dump the lid, as it didn’t fit well, and just looked awkward. I think next time I make one of these, I’ll make a whole cube, although this open topped box will be good to pop a potted plant into.
the box is coated with acrylic, which is what gives it its sheen, and will prevent the conte from rubbing off
I kept the surfaces rough; didn’t use any sanding paper. Mostly I didn’t want dust in my place, but also like the texture of rough.
the inside looks glossy. the acrylic is still drying. I took too much time for this little project, but now that I’ve done it, I’ve learned that I really do want to make a cube. That’s for another day. Meanwhile, I’ve got this little pot (4 x 4″) to give to someone…