FIN 131 Unit 2

Dolls (some research)

history of dolls (a really bad website, but it’s a start)

Paper Dolls

a “free” paper doll

Smithsonian article about creepy dolls:


excerpt from Smithsonian article: “Most recently, devil worshippers inadvertently turned a smiling vintage doll into a grinning demon in last October’s Annabelle, a film in the Conjuring franchise. Director John Leonetti, who did not return requests for comment, told The Huffington Post that dolls made exceptional vehicles for horror films. “If you think about them, most dolls are emulating a human figure,” said Leonetti. “But they’re missing one big thing, which is emotion. So they’re shells. It’s a natural psychological and justifiable vehicle for demons to take it over. If you look at a doll in its eyes, it just stares. That’s creepy. They’re hollow inside. That space needs to be filled.” With evil.”

The “uncanny valley” mentioned in the following article

David Altmejd

While watching Art21, I came across the artist David Altmejd. He is wonderful. Inspiring.

This is one of my favourite pieces by him; however, it is just a small sample of his enormous body of work.

From the art21 film “Heads”, about David Altmejd’s use of heads instead of drawings.