FIN 131 Unit 2

Kits for Unit 2 (February 1, 2021)

Today we received some material kits for use in Unit 2, and were introduced to some of the workshop machinery.

not shown is the cordless hand drill.
watching the videos made by Jeff and Angela, demonstrating how to use the workshop tools.
some cut strips of aluminium flashing
two sanders to the left above. That’s Angela and Marlee trying to solve a problem related to the dowlings
Jeff demonstrating the cleaning procedures before using the bandsaw
Marlee gets the wood placed on bandsaw before cutting.
this is the first shape I cut using the smaller bandsaw. I’ve just sanded part of the edges after having already sanded the flat surfaces.
My very first rivet. Aw!
found by the bandsaw in the plywood
fun with the bandsaw

I found using the bandsaw to be meditative. As I watched the blade advance through the wood, I thought about how devoid of tools and machinery was my childhood, and how I had longed to learn how to actually DO something. These reflections didn’t make me sad or regretful or angry. The memory was neutral, and I felt grateful that I am letting myself learn these things now. I felt rooted in the present moment, as if that was all there was, that is all there is.

“Friends”, 15″ plywood.