FIN 131 Unit 3

Meshmixer, Slicer, and Blue Salmon

reflection (in which i re-assemble thinking)

thinking (reflection i which re-assemble in)

re-assemble (thinking in i reflection which)

(i) re-assemble reflection in which thinking



re-programming fatal error

error re-programming fatal

[avoid] [avoid] [avoid]

i reflect in lower case and with no punctuation order word change

change order word

reflect reflect reflect

word order change

i will get it right


rightget it will i

the resources here are taking me into the realm inhabited by people whose minds are universes universes reversed people inhabited taking realm here me into resources universes minds here whose realm


change the rules of thinking

rules thinking of removed i will not change i will change not remove rules

scrolling through david katz’s psychological atlas

through scrolling atlas katz psychological david

david atlas pyschological scrolling katz through

atlas scrolling david through katz psychological


was like taking introductory psychology all over again

each page of images reminded me of the concept idea

all over psychology introductory like taking again psychological scrolling

three times in case you miss any one of them



laser cut brain

the brain-gut connection (yes this this this yes this yes yes)

April 17 update:

too late?

I can’t figure out how to put together the salmon. The diagrams in the instructions don’t match the pieces I have.

too late?

I have put aside the instructions and will rely on my ability to figure out by size/shape on my own. But there are many small pieces…

These are the tiny bits that join all the larger bits together…I think
and these are the medium sized bits, mostly fins…

This is worse than Ikea furniture. I’ve just gotten started, but I have to take a break.