FIN 230 Unit 2

another take on body

November 2 photoshoot

For this shoot, I put all the entities off to the side of the “stage”, and one-by-one, or two-by-two I brought them into the picture. This process was to contrast with last week’s process of having all the entities in the shot, in a tableau setting. Today I attempted to learn more about each entity an its relationship with the others.

This will be a long post, as I took many, many pictures, and I’d like to include them all here so that I can look at them all together. I’ll try to make reflections on each shot, too, anything that may occur to me as I am reviewing them.

The Opera Singer. At this point, I don’t really know her function within the tableau, but she is both dramatic and alarmed.
This seems to be the same shot, but it is slightly different. I took about 15 shots of this opera singer in this position, with slight differences. At this point I was taking pictures with the overhead lights on, and was just getting myself accustomed to the camera and the tripod.
She expresses extremes while the rest of us maintain our composure.
I’m very fond of her knees. She changes as soon as I add the cowpoke to the picture. They were made at the same time; I wanted to contrast the drama of the opera singer to the drama of the cowpoke. I see a horse in the future for this couple.
The Receiver/The Dreamed. She has gifts. The Dreamer shows up in the next photograph; he has dreamed up The Dreamed, and The Dreamed is also The Receiver.
The Receiver/The Dreamed and the Opera Singer are sitting together with The Dreamer, who is in the final hours of his life, breathing his last breaths. Life wants to live, but the container for that life has completed its work. Partnership between Breath and Materiality has ended. The Opera Singer is devastated and The Receiver/The Dreamed is pragmatic. The Dreamer is small because his presence is diminishing.
I believe that each figure is an aspect of my self.
Sometimes the passion of The Opera Singer is stronger, while pragmatic, The Receiver/The Dreamed, watches over.
Frequently The Receiver/The Dreamed moves in closer to witness the more extreme expressions of The Opera Singer.
Introducing The Empath. The Empath provides emotional editorializing, interpreting. Not as dramatic and self-centred as The Opera Singer, The Empath is a grounding force. She approaches The Dreamer with humility.
In her nakedness, The Empath is externally marred by the world around her.
She feels this is what it is to be human.
Just beyond the limen begin to appear The Entities.
The Empath has finished and The Entities are left to accompany The Dreamer in his final dream.

I’m starting to think about sounds that each of these figures might make. Perhaps I could borrow a ZOOM recorder and play around with that a bit?

Puppets. I keep thinking about puppets. And I found this, and have been exploring the website.


and this:

note to self: is it possible to make life-sized masks of the figures I’ve created and use those masks for a performance of some kind? This would take me right out of my experience. Maybe I could write a script?

Anyway, to continue posting the photographs from yesterday’s session, and commenting on them as I see possible:

The figures have regrouped away from The Dreamer. The Receiver/The Dreamed, The Empath, and the two entities gather. The Dreamer moves past the limen.
Let’s look more closely at The Dreamer.
The Dreamer, dreaming
The thin blanket emphasizes frailty.
Visited by Anubis
Visited by Time, who claims the last breath.
The Empath’s imprecations to Time, to let Life’s Breath continue, are unheard. “Life wants to live”, says The Empath. Time responds: life will live with me.
The Angelboarder arrives.
The Receiver/The Dreamed returns.