FIN 230 Unit 3

Slip-sliding into unit 3

I thought I had finished with the little sculptures, but no. Another one started coming along this evening. Or I just really wanted to use my drill.

Whatever the impetus, here are the elements I’m pulling together for Unit 3. Three free programs for editing; an armature for a woman bending over with some sort of cornucopia in her arms and which will become a final small sculpture; the slip cast nuclear missile heads; and the pieces of cut offs from the 130 project pulled from the scrap bin in the woodworking shop.

Downloaded three free editing programs this afternoon after I got home from my class. All three downloaded easily, and after tomorrow I will watch the tutorials for each program:

Audacity (for sound editing) and the intention is to clean up the noise from the video taping of JHP that I did last week.

Audacity tutorial

Noise reduction:

Raw Therapee (for photo editing) and the intention is to edit the photographs from the two photoshoots that I’ve done this fall: the ones from the entities and the one from the afternoon with JHP.

DaVinci (for video editing) and the intention is to edit the video that I took of myself while talking about the entities and the video of JHP.

Armature holes drilled and armature feet placed into the holes. Gorilla Glue in the background.
Drill bit got really hot drilling those two tiny holes for the armature feet to go into.
This figure is bending over to pick something up. I haven’t yet decided what that will be.
I’ve covered the plaster bandage with stone-based clay and added a head. I don’t like the arms.
It’s coming together here; as usual I’m dissatisfied with many aspects of this piece, but I keep going, because I’m excited to see how it turns out.
Satellite photos of “atmospheric rivers”
These are the slip casts; fifteen of them. They look like missiles, or warheads…
Stuff picked from the remnants bin in the woodworking shop; I can’t wait to get my hands on these, but I left them in the car to create some tension.