Summer 2021 – “Procession” in CVAG studio space

This July 2021, I have the opportunity to move Procession (I used to refer to this work as “the” procession, but using the definite article “the” somehow seemed to limit the idea from processions in general to a specific procession. I understand that this is a specific procession that I’m making here, but I want to leave room for processions in general) from my home studio into the studio space at the Comox Valley Art Gallery (CVAG). This move will enable me to spread out the elements of Procession so that I can “see” what I have done, what the relationships can be among the various pieces, and what I need to work on next or complete.

This blog space documents the move, the work, the process.

July 5

Today I’m heading over to the CVAG studio with a carload of stuff. I have to admit, I’m relieved to be able to get this all out of my apartment, as it was taking over the major part of my living area, and although I love working on it, being surrounded by all these figures was starting to get to me.

Boxing up some of the “Major Aspects”.

The Major Aspects are the original wooden pieces that I created out of plywood in the FIN 121 class at North Island College. There are twelve major aspects, and each one represents an emotion or an emotional relationship or an event (series of events, life patterns) drawn from my life. I call these “major” because they represent something larger, or more important, from my life.

Also part of Procession are several Minor Aspects. The minor aspects are also based on emotions or events from my life, similar to the Major Aspects, but are less “heavy”, or less influential.

I call this piece in process “Procession” because as I began to work on it and develop the pieces, it appeared to me that I am reifying my internal life in order to look at it in all its complexity and variation; a kind of procession of the years come to visit.

As I make each piece, refine each piece, I relive some of the memories that led to the development of the piece and I can come to terms with the events that may have led to the emotionality that accompanied those events.

In this way, the piece feels like a review of and acceptance of the events of my life. And further, I think that upon completion, and maybe even before completion, I have the opportunity to “move on” to the end of my life, however long that may be.

One of the “Minor Aspects” of Procession, entitled Frustration, Anger, Restlessness. Minor Aspect #6.
I’m not sure where this figure fits into Procession; originally I had intended for her to be part of the chorus (creating a chorus of five choristers to comment on the action of Procession), but she became too big for the chorus, so I gave her some red boots, and she may be a character external to Procession, similar to The Sensate.
A box of small pieces of driftwood, ready to go. Also, a small box of bulldog clips.
The Sensate. She used to be called The Watcher, but I changed her name because “watching” did not seem sufficient for describing the multiple ways that she absorbs the world around her. I’ll take her over later this week, as she is large and heavy and complicated.
The skeleton (for inspiration) and the dremel that I’ve never used…packed into my wagon and going to the CVAG studio.

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