July 13


I still need to work not only on the main project, but also on side things, just to keep my brain from fixating on one thing.

I recovered this piece to see if I could do something with it. That remains to be seen.
I’m experimenting with covering an armature with aluminium foil.
New green arms for this one today.
a digression project
Finished the repair job on the chaton’s arms.
Arm and headdress for “Will”
Figure in centre back is new today; has a kind of horse head made from aluminum foil and a wire tail. Not finished…
Slightly better view of horse head and tail.
the figure in the foreground centre is the first one I made, who now has feet and “gloves”. Still no head. The heads take much longer than anything else, and I need a few hours of concentration time.
An arm and headdress for one of the original 12 figures.
“Here, let me show you how that’s done”.Something new.
On deck for repairs and additions tomorrow…Wednesday.

Today’s music, On the Nature of Thingness, by the International Contemporary Ensemble. Especially, but not only, the number entitled “Mobius”.

This music got me thinking about the Jack-in-the-box toy, and I began to do a bit of research about jack-in-the-box mechanisms, which are available out of China for ~$1.00 each, but with a minimum order of 100.

Here are a couple of short articles about The Nature of Thingness. The second article includes a link to a short vimeo showing one of the “machines” used by Phyllis Chen.



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