July 20

Today’s music…

Today I worked on some heads…

I found this paperclay in a thrift store, and today I tried to add moisture to it, to see if I could make it usable:

The paperclay turned into a bit of a porridge, so I covered the kneeling figure in blue shoes with the mush to see what she would look like. I guess she looks okay still.

Then I moved on to the Plastilina; this block has been sitting in the studio since I got here on July 5, and I’ve been working through the elements of the procession . I’ve been dreading working with it, because I thought it would be hard…and anyway, it’s plastic, so not the best thing to work with.

The studio time this July has been great for experimenting with new things. In addition to finishing the pieces from Procession, I got to try out using three different types of modelling clay: the Das, the Premier/La Doll, and now the Plastinina.

I have three more days in the studio, and on the third of those days I’ll be packing up and closing the door behind me (and going kayaking and biking and camping for the rest of the summer until I start school again in September). So, I’ll spend Wednesday and Thursday with the Plastilina.

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