July 22

When I listen to Julianna Barwick, I am transported to the place where I can focus closely.

Today I focussed on creating a more robust figure. So far, my figures have been skeletal, and intentionally so, as I worked on trying to understand the skeleton. But I wanted to have more flesh, so my goal with this final figure is to create one with some fat and muscle over the skeleton.

Tomorrow morning, July 23, will be the final few hours in the studio before I tidy everything up and head back into my home studio.

My plan is to work down the arm and the leg that are attached to the platform.
I’ve started to build up the thighs here. I’ll leave the left leg for the end, as I am sure that once it is covered with clay it will start to droop the whole sculpture backwards.
Here I have started to build up the glutes.
more definition on the right arm.
I’ve added some “fat rolls” above the left hip, but they don’t really show up enough. Trying to work from my imagination like this points out to me how much I’d like to work with a live model. But I can’t imagine finding anyone who might want to hold this pose for very long.
The right leg has more definition, and I’ve added a shoe and a right hand. I also built up the “rib cage” as I felt that my figure was too thin. I still think the figure is too thin, but it is starting to look more like a real person. At least to me…
Here I’ve added a small stomach and a pubic mound. I’d really like my figure to get much bigger, but I can’t seem to get myself to add large enough amounts of clay.
From the back can be seen the scapulas. The left leg has yet to get its first layer.

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