Small Things

Today’s music is The Beatles…any Beatles. Right at this very moment as I write this, I’m listening to Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, and singing along. I recall, at 13, walking around my home town with that album tucked under my arm, looking for anyone with a record player who might want to listen to the album with me. I could have listened to the album at home on my own record player, but it seemed important to also broadcast to my friends that I actually had this album.

So. The Beatles. But would I want to be 13 again?

And today’s artist (a new feature on my artist blog, which I mostly think of as a “notes to self” place) is Simon Bacon. You can see his work here. If you are reading this, please look, and you will see an example of the type of work that I love and that inspires me. Specifically, I saw a photograph of his sculpture entitled “Adam and Eve” on a sculpture page on Instagram, which took me to his website. So, “Adam and Eve” was the sculpture that I was initially drawn to.

And my own small things that I’ve been working on over the past week are here. These are smallish, about 8 inches or so, and made from aluminum armature covered with La Doll air-dry stone clay. So far I’ve avoided painting the sculptures I’ve made with armature and clay, but I imagined these new ones as “test pieces”, which frees me up to mess around. Of course everything is always a test piece. Or, as I learned this past year in art school, a maquette. I love maquettes. Here are some maquettes.

this figure hangs just below another figure…a samurai made from twisted wires. And both of them are hanging from a massive globe/light fixture in my apartment.
Gold figure under wire samurai

I’m liking making things that can hang. That might be because I have very few surfaces left in my apartment, but a whole lot of empty space over my head…

This cool cat with a skipping rope (stone clay and wire) is now living with someone else (riskily given away as a gift), so I need to guard these pictures. I loved it so much that I had to give it away…if that makes any sense.

The next few shots are of Copper Dog (stone clay on wire armature, painted with copper paint) in a variety of lighting conditions. Copper Dog is my second attempt at a dog, as I’m trying to make familiar things as I work through my “apprenticeship”. The armature for copper dog was complex and more detailed than the armature for the first dog I made. Now the question is, did I photograph the armature before I started working with it?

Copper Dog on my workbench, natural light.
Copper Dog in makeshift photobooth, natural lighting.
Copper Dog in new home, North Island (Caitlin Hartnett)
Cat occupying makeshift photobooth. She likes to be the centre of attention, so I think she must be a middle child.
This figure, another stone clay on aluminum armature, is a WIP. I’m using the green bowl to stabilize the wire orb while I work on the figure, doing some paint touchups with Micaceous Iron Oxide paint. I need to address its hands and revisit its feet, the latter of which are painted silver.Also…eyes… This figure will also hang somewhere in my apartment until I can find a home for it.

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