Today’s music. This YouTube video is my go-to whenever I need inspiration to take me into the depths of my own emotions. Etta James’ timing, the backup group’s ability to go where she takes them, the way her emotional depth is revealed as she sings…yes, I watch this piece frequently enough. Her soul revealed during eight minutes of raw emotion, and likely fueled by heroin.

(I think that the version I used to watch on YouTube has been taken down and replaced by this version, edited to remove some of her “vocal digressions”. This version is still good, but quite heavily edited, maybe several minutes shorter than the one I used to watch, and includes an ad 3/4 of the way through.

It’s one of my dreams to be able to make a sculpture of Etta James as she looks in this video, her expressive face, her eyes.

I’m calling this post “Aria” because I’m trying to make an opera singer. Eventually I’d like to make a sculpture of Etta James, so this piece is a start towards that, a kind of skill-building exercise working towards making her. I still have a long way to go, and may never get there skill-wise, but I’ll get somewhere different from where I started.

This is where I started with the singer, as I attempted to break away from the two arms/two legs armature.
I didn’t like the tissue paper results, so I tore it all off.
I also removed its head when I draped plaster bandage around its body.
…and started another series of five armatures destined to “hang”. At this point I envision that they will be black.

The singer’s arms and neck have been created with La Doll clay; her head will also be sculpted from clay.
the figure on the right has now morphed into a cowpoke, complete with a lasso, and…
…complete with spurs…
The singer is covered with slip. And has a head.

I’m not exactly sure about the relationship between the singer and the cowboy, but it may become clear to me as I work on each.

…and to put me in the mood (for the cowboy)…I just have to say, I loved living in Alberta…


Getting familiar with cowboy hats:

Belt buckles


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