More Returns

But first, today’s suggested music. I’ve listened to Einaudi quite a bit, and these two numbers are a bit of a departure for him. I like where he is going in his musical journey.

Two returns of note.

I pulled an old drawing out of the pile of old drawings that I don’t like and started to add some colour to it. There is no date on the drawing, and no photograph in my files, which means I must have not seen any possibilities inherent in the drawing. Yet I tossed it on a table, and pulled it out and started adding to it. I still “don’t like” it, but have learned that me not liking something is a mostly meaningless response.

In this light, the charcoal looks a bit purple, but it’s just regular charcoal. Maybe the green does that, too.

I can’t recall my original intention for this drawing other than I love working with charcoal and I might have wanted to depict an ethereality between the figure on the left and the pithos on the right.
I’m not overly fond of green, so I often use it when working on something I am struggling with.

And I worked on a sculpture, adding some colour to its “wing-hands”; wanted to photograph the sculpture, and the only place that seemed like a good place to photograph it was on the extended arm-ature of The Sensate, the central piece from The Procession, which itself is a work in progress.

Here’s an older picture of The Sensate (nee The Watcher)
It’s terrible to try to photograph these things with so much visual noise around

Adding this new piece to The Sensate redefined the piece, and it now represents time, and so together, the piece is called Sensate Reaches Out to Time…it looks like time is escaping.

Even more returns…

I can’t help but take photographs of the figures hanging out in the windows. They look different every time I look at them in different lighting conditions.

Here are a few photographs of existing figures in the studio, seen in new light.

These two…I MUST take them outside for a photoshoot. I know they’d love that.
This one is up a little higher, so most shots make it look heroic.
These two cats get to hang out together.
A shot of the “left window” gang.
Early morning picture on my way to the bathroom. I had to stop to take photographs as they were calling out to me to notice them, their silhouettes.
These two are always on about something, chattering away to one another.
Sunrise pushes through the shutter slats and changes the drawing on the easel.
Sunrise shadows.
More shadow play

Today’s inspirational artist is Luo Li Rong. This link takes you to her Instagram page.


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