About Me

September 29, 2021 update.

I still appear to be me.

June 7 2021 update:

In the following video, Lola is playing with the cat using a small toy that she created by tying some string around a Paw Patrol character. In the video, Lola describes that Aurora the cat really likes this game, and then Lola says, “I didn’t do this before, but I’m doing it now! Weeeeeee!

This video really describes how I feel about making things for my FIN courses and beyond.

I didn’t do this before, but I’m doing it now! Weeeeee!

december 20 update:

about me.

on December 19 I went for a walk from the past to the future through the threshold of the present.

Initial “about me” words:

I’m surprised to find myself in the first year of the Fine Arts program after my recent retirement, with no real personal history of art-making until having mistakenly picked up a paintbrush in 2018.

I really just wanted to take a couple of art classes, specifically sculpture, but all the non-program seats were filled by the time I tried to register, so I found myself putting together a portfolio of paintings, illustrations, and assemblages, and applying to be a real student. And here I am, a bit perplexed that I am.

I grew up in a time and place where high school art classes didn’t exist (too luxurious?) and the only time I did any drawing was in “Scripture” class, where I recall drawing numerous very colourful illustrations of Bible stories.

I’ve been painting (almost) every day of my life since 2018; but this semester I’m taking 100, 110, and 130. Really, all I wanted to do was sculpture and painting, but okay.