“My Imaginary Friend”, an opera singer, a cowpoke, a horse, and a conflict…

I returned to an earlier painting I had been working on, but which got covered by a black cloth and so I forgot about it. Much of this week has been about returning again and again to this painting, adding layer after layer. It started out as a charcoal and pastel drawing, but morphed into an acrylic painting. 16 x 22. The last time I posted it, it looked like this:

Figure with container next to it.
After another layer, it looked like this.

In this iteration, I addressed the container on the right, starting to give it more definition again.
The container on the right turns into an entity.
I want to return to this piece and enhance the lime green of the figure on the left.

Opera Singer With a Cowboy (and a horse)

The other thing I’ve been working on is the Opera Singer With a Cowboy. Here are some progress shots.

I have a lot yet to do on both figures, but especially the cowboy: hat, belt buckle, maybe some chaps? But definitely the cowboy needs a horse.

When I resumed work on the above drawing/painting, I found another drawing beneath it, so I started to add to this one, too.

Last spring, Angela suggest that I try videotaping myself while I am making something. Talk out loud, Anne, she said, while you are in your process, and record that too. The following two videos are attempts at doing that.

“The Disagreement”. While working on this piece, I was thinking about the differences in perspective between those who object to getting the covid vaccine, and those who have been vaccinated. It seems to be a conflict between emotional and logical arguments, and I can’t see how this can be resolved without coercion.

Research horses

I’ve had this sculpture since leaving home; given to me by my mother as I left home, as apparently I was the only one of the family who actually liked it. I’ve been dragging it around…no, actually, I love this horse very much. Today I decided to try to figure out (again) its provenance.

The original sculpture was created by P.J. Mene, and if this is an original Mene, I should be able to find his name on the right of the base. I can’t find his name, but I can see the first word of the title, which is Djinn.The full title of the piece is Djinn, Etalon Barbe and I think I can barely see the rest of the title.

The first word of the title, Djinn, is barely visible. But this is not an indication of the validity of this piece; Mene’s casts were also used in Russia, and Russian casts often include a Cyrillic inscription. I can’t find any Cyrillic inscription on this piece.

Here is a photograph of an “original”, in excellent condition. My sculpture is missing the fence (broken off many years ago when I was a child, maybe even by me?).


making a horse

Before I could start making a horse, I needed to understand both the proportions of a horse, and the relative proportions of the horse I wanted to make compared to the figure that the horse is intended to accompany (the cowpoke).

Using the proportions illustrated in the diagram above, I drew the following on a piece of scrap newsprint.

Using a diagram of a horse skeleton that is approximately the same size as the drawing, I started to bend some wire for the horse armature. I plan to make the skeleton armature as complete as possible, so will not finish this week.

Lola with Unicorn Rainbow Juice (hot chocolate with whipped cream and sprinkles)